Cherryhill Neighborhood Association

Cherryhill Neighborhood Association is a City of Sunnyvale sanctioned association formed for the benefit of the Cherryhill Neighborhood. The basic idea is to improve our lives, safety, and community by getting to know our neighbors. click on "About Us" to learn more. Please join.


Membership in Sunnyvale Neighborhoods is open to all residents of the Cherryhill neighborhood as defined by the neighborhood map. Please join by clicking the button. When you join you will be added to our Yahoo Group, which is our primary means of communication and also serves as our membership list.



We are on the Internet:

Additional details are at How We Communicate. The Yahoo Group is our membership list because we control its membership. We can extract a mailing list from it, then use the mailing list to send out Evites. We like Evites because they give us feedback and help us plan. Please join the Yahoo Group first by clicking on "JOIN".



Hi Neighbors,

The Holiday Walkabout is this Sunday, 4 December 2017, at 6:30pm and we are getting organized!!

Right now, we have 3 stops identified (which we think is a good number to try this year):

  1. Corner of Yorktown/Wright Avenue (Hosted by the Thorsons)
    • Hot chocolate packets from Kim Jelfs
    • Gluten-free baked goods from Jean Somlo
    • Baked goods from Gudrun & Wolfgang Polak
    • Baked goods from the Bessers

  2. Corner of Syracuse and Cranberry (Hosted by Kyle Welch)
    • Baked goods from Karen & Mark Tran
    • Baked goods from Jacqui & Kevin Bury

  3. Crandano Court finale with movie for kids (Hosted by Crandano/Rockefeller neighbors)
    • Hot drinks and baked goods from/organized by Nina McQueen, Joanne Callahan, Leslie Becker, Faye Rotbert, Carolynne Sangrujee

We would still appreciate more donations of baked goods - let me know if you want to add to our current lists above. I will pick up 3 bottles of apple cider, one for each stop.



We propose that we make the group walk as follows (suggestions welcome, however!):

  1. Meet around 6:20pm at the corner of Yorktown/Wright Avenue for STOP 1 - fuel up with coffee, hot chocolate and treats

  2. Walk WEST on Yorktown Drive, turn RIGHT onto Valley Forge Drive, walk EAST along Valley Forge, turn LEFT on Lime Drive and then LEFT on Ticonderoga Drive. Walk WEST on Ticonderoga to Cranberry, then turn RIGHT on Cranberry. Walk NORTH until we stop at Cranberry/Syracuse at STOP 2 for more coffee, hot chocolate and treats.

  3. Continue EAST along Syracuse Drive, turn LEFT on Kelsey Dr. Walk NORTH along Kelsey to Rockefeller Drive. Turn LEFT on Rockefeller and follow it around until it intersects with Crandano Court (STOP 3 - FINALE)

We're happy to change this if anyone has any suggested improvements. We can create and post the final map tomorrow afternoon; please contact Kathy ASAP with any route adjustments.

Lastly, is anyone willing to volunteer to order, pay for and pick up 3 sets of coffee travelers from our local Starbucks? (not anyone who is hosting or donating baked goods...someone new!) We have Cherryhill funds to reimburse you - please bring the receipt and we will submit for reimbursement. Ideally, the coffee travelers should be delivered between 6pm-5:15pm to all 3 stops.

Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to date... we hope to see most of our neighbors at this Sunday's event!!

Kathy Besser and Kyle Welch

Cherryhill NA 2016 Calendar and Events

The board has set up the calendar of events for 2017. (Events in faded text have already been held.)

  • Sat, Apr 8 - Urban Gardens – Informal Tour
    Meet at Starbucks Fremont/Mary at 9:30 am
  • Sat, May 13 - Freecycle & Dumpster Day
    Cranberry & Maraschino Drives
  • Sat, Jun, 10 - Block Party
    Elderberry Drive, 11am-2pm
  • Tue, Aug 1, National Night Out
    De Anza Park picnic tbles, 6-8pm
  • >Sat, Sep 9 (Date change), - Harvest Share
    Location: Corner of Ticonderoga and Lime, 3-5pm
  • Mon, Oct 23 - Cherryhill Mixer
    De Anza Park Building, 7-8:30pm
  • Sun, Dec 3 - Holiday Walkabout
    (Map will be posted in early Dec), 6:30-8pm

Event Descriptions

Spring and Fall Mixers

General meetings for our neighborhood to get together and communicate. You will be able to wander around, talk to each other, and sample pot luck. We will often have an informal speaker or two on topics of neighborhood or city interest. We hold our election of officers at the Fall meeting. We ususally have city council members in attendence. Council members are interested in meeting you one-on-one — What an opportunity to have your comments heard at the top! email Derek

Freecycle & Dumpster Day

Chairs: Virginia Shea, Kyle Welch, Jim Sturtevant.

Free Dumpsters: The City of Sunnyvale will provide dumpsters at several locations in the neighborhood. Freecycle: Still-usable but no longer needed items may be offered for exchange to other residents.

Block Party

Chairs: DorisTan Jennifer Lung

Early each summer a block party is held in De Anza Park, or alternatively, Elderberry Drive. Bring your family, a potluck dish to share and items to grill (barbecues will be available). Expect music, firetrucks, SNAP demos, food, barbecue, raffle, games, and a fun day in the park.

National Night Out

Chairs: Kyle Welch, Wayne Amacher, Derek Wagner. National Night Out is unique crime/drug prevention event that brings together citizens, law enforcement agencies, neighborhood organizations and local officials to strengthen neighborhood spirit and police-community partnerships. Our association hosts a potluck picnic dinner at De Anza Park featuring games and prizes, a raffle, as well as visits from Sunnyvale police, firefighters and City Council members.

Harvest Share

Chairs: Kathy Besser, Joann Rieke, Cindy Spencer. Got abundant veggies, fruits, herbs, flower cuttings, or other items from your garden you’d be willing to share? Come together as a community to enjoy a bit of fellowship at our free version of a farmer’s market.

Holiday Walkabout

Chairs: Kathy Besser, Kyle Welch. The walkabout is an Italian-style “passagiata”, a walk throughout the neighborhood with hot drinks and home-baked goodies, festive holiday lights/decor and conversations with your Cherryhill neighbors! Don’t miss the fabulous finale on Crandano Court (where they pull out all the stops including holiday movies projected on a garage door).

Cherryhill "No Soliciting" Sign


The neighborhood association has created a "No Soliciting" sign that should help keep solicitors from your door and maybe even keep criminals at bay. When one of these signs is attached to your dwelling, it is against the law for solicitors to try to contact you. You can call the cops on them! The sign also advertises our neighborhood association. Signs are available from your board members. A $3 donation is suggested to defray the costs. Encourage you neighbors to procure and put up sign so that our neighborhood presents a solid front. Note — the sign does not apply to politicians and charities.


The 2016 Cherryhill Neighborhood Association officers were elected at the 2016 Fall Mixer. They are listed below. New Officers take office on January 1, 2017.


* Elected


We will be happy to add Members-at-Large at any time. Feel free to volunteer yourself or others. Members-at-Large are voting members of the board and contribute to activities and to their planning. They prepare themselves to become future neighborhood association officers. They are our "new blood". Anyone who would like to participate actively in the association is welcome. Contact any board member listed above.


Committees can be formed by anyone with the approval of the board. You are welcome to form a committee and get involved. You can also contact existing committee chairs to join in with them and get involved.


The Sunnyvale SNAP (Sunnyvale Neighborhoods Actively Prepare) organization is making a special effort to organize all SNAP trained individuals throughout the city to better disseminate information and serve the community. The current citywide SNAP program involves forming small SNAP groups along streets and in small neighborhood units consisting of about 20 residences. This is a large program and could mean as many as 40 SNAP groups in Cherryhill NA. SNAP has trained SNAP Captains to organize these neighborhood groups. This is a wonderful program! In the event of a major earthquake, it has the potential to save many lives.

Cherryhill NA already includes several trained SNAP Captains. Joann Rieke and Cindy Spencer are trained SNAP Captains and have agreed to cochair a SNAP committee for Cherryhill NA. They will be glad to help any small group that wishes to form. Contact Joann and Cindy at

If you would like to become involved, and we encourage you to do so, Contact Joann and Cindy. Don't be bashful. If you care for your family, children, and neighbors, just go ahead and start a small group. This is a massive effort that is best done bottom up — just do it! Determine that you are interested, contact Joann and Cindy, and get going. A training video is available for you.

Ths SNAP course for residents is going on right now. To assist anyone who is interested and has not attended a SNAP course, click on "SNAP" in the menu at the top of the page and it will take you to a web page where all of the information on the SNAP training CD has been reproduced. Don't wait for an invite, start reading it now. Just the first lesson could save you life.

Robert Locke is the SNAP Liaison Officer to the Sunnyvale Neighborhood Associations, The Cherryhill NA is within SNAP district 3 and SNAP will be concentrating their efforts in District 3 first. (SNAP districts are based on Sunnyvle fire districts)

Cherryhill Welcome Bag

red bag pic

Annoouncing our new forest green shopping bags! Our tradition is to fill up a re-useable Cherryhill shopping bag with home-baked treats and useful neighborhood information (newsletters, flyers, coupons, and ect.) to welcome new residents. The new bags have been generously sponsored by:

  • Baskin Robbins
  • Zanotto's
  • For Other Living Things
  • Active Age Fitness
  • Nature's Best Cleaners
  • Silicon Valley Eye Physicians

When a new neighbor moves on to your street (or if someone has recently moved in and not received one) Please contact your block rep who will get a bag from coordinator, Minoti Merchant. Want a few bags for yourself? Contact your block rep at block rep

A sincere "thank you" to the fantastic merchants who made our new resident reusable bag project such a resounding success! If you frequent these businesses, please let them know you appreciate their support of the Cherryhill Neighborhood Association.

Help Out


Please send in your ideas about what you think your neighborhood association should be doing. "New blood" and new ideas are vital. Contact Derek Wagner or Wayne Amacher.

Should you want to do something totally different within the neighborhood, say form a bridge club, a skiing club, sewing circle, you could do that as well and the association can list it as an activity — just volunteer and start. Neighbors can find the activity and contact info on this web site.


The more people we inolve in our activities, the stronger our neighborhood association becomes. If you would like to get out a little, have some fun, meet your neighbors, and do good things please volunteer. You can design your own project if you wish, just let us know what you would like to do. To volunteer, contact Derek Wagner. We need volunteers for:

  • Members-at-Large - Become a board member and help plan our activities
  • Block Representatives: Details at: Block Representatives